ENIGMAtalk encrypts your messages as text

Making email, SMS, and webmessaging communications secure
for journalism, banking, and personal use.


Making your communications encrypted and inconspiguous. For true security, undetectability, and deniability.

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How it works

Our patent-pending cryptographic technology uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, right on your device.


Optimal Compression


First, your message is compressed into a short binary string using a custom Recurrent Neural Network.




Then, the binary string is encrypted using the globally recognised encryption standard, AES-256.

Daniel Doe

Text Reconstruction


Finally, the encrypted binary string is used to seed another Recurrent Neural Network, trained to write text.

These have been optimised to run in real time on multiple platforms. Only encrypted data is transmitted from your device.

Thanks to our deep expertise with Recurrent Neural Networks, we are able to customize the generated text to suit your security needs. For example, specific jargon or local dialects can be generated, to guarantee indistinguishability of other communications.


Our services secure email, SMS, and webmessaging communications for journalists, banking, and personal messages. We offer apps for individuals, complete solutions for corporations, as well as licences for integration into existing services

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At Martin Technologies, we strive to achieve the highest level of privacy, through cryptography. We supply systems which achieve AES-level encryption, full deniability, and undetectability on any device.
Because your privacy matters.


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